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about his wife, Courtney
February 24, 1992, 
Cobain and Courtney Love
married on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

1988, she first sees him perform they were supposedly introduced at a concert with L7 and The Butthole Surfers playing in Los Angeles, May 1991 some say it was Portland of 1989, but Everett True maintains it was 1991, and references a 1992 interview by Sassy Magazine: the pair remarked meeting at the L7 / Butthole Surfers concert
shortly after, David Grohl informs them of mutual crushes Fall 1991, Love begins pursuing Cobain in an off-and-on again relationship they find themselves together, bound by drug use
1992, Love finds she's pregnant with their child
August 18, 1993 Frances Bean Cobain is born Kurt thought she looked like a kidney bean, after seeing the first sonogram of her Cobain was a big fan of Frances McKee of The Vaselines hence her peculiar middle and first names
Love's harshest critics were some of Nirvana's fans touting she was using him to make herself famous critics also liked to compare the two, being the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono rumors sprouted that Cobain wrote most of the songs, on Love's breakthrough album Live Through This she was the lead singer of the band Hole
"Asking for It" contains Cobain singing backup vocals but there is no evidence to prove Kurt wrote any songs one Hole song is known to actually be written by Cobain, but "Old Age" is credited as a Hole song it appeared on the B-side of a 1993 single for Beautiful Son
1998, a shotty boombox recording of the song surfaced thanks to The Stranger, a Seattle newspaper in the article, Novoselic confirmed the recording "Old Age" was a Nirvana song made in 1991 this lead to more speculation about Cobain writing for Hole
"Old Age" was cut from the Nevermind album, because the band had run out of studio time 2004, an incomplete recording appeared on With the Lights Out the song is credited to Cobain
guitarist Eric Erlandson, of Hole, thought Cobain wrote the music and Love had written the lyrics for the version Hole used [Garofalo, Reebee - Rockin' Out: Popular Music in the USA]
1992, Love admits to using heroin while (unknowingly) pregnant [Vanity Fair] this further damages her public standing her romance with Kurt had been a media attraction, but they were soon harassed by tabloid reporters reporters wanted to know if Frances was born an addict
notoriety causes a child welfare services investigation begging the question, is the couple fit to be parents? eventually the allegations are dismissed, but not without significant legal hassle Love and Cobain claim Vanity Fair took her words out of context