Kurt Cobain Biography

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his legacy and legendary status
2005, a sign is put up in Aberdeen, Washington
it reads "Welcome to Aberdeen - Come As You Are"
it is a tribute to Cobain
the sign was paid for and created by the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee
this non-profit organization was created in May 2004 to honor Cobain

Cobain has no gravesite many Nirvana fans visit, to pay tribute to Cobain at Viretta Park it is near Cobain's former Lake Washington home 171 Lake Washington Blvd E, Seattle, WA 98112 these tributes often occur on the anniversary of his death they gather in the park to celebrate his life and memory
Cobain's life captured the eyes of filmmakers the 2005 movie "Last Days" by Gus Van Sant it is based on what might have happened in the final hours of Cobain's life
Kurt Cobain About A Son shows Kurt himself narrating us through his life it uses the backdrop of Aberdeen, Olympia and Seattle where Kurt lived and flourished
Cobain continues to intrigue and inspire fans 8 years after his death Nirvana's releases "You Know You're Right" it tops playlists worldwide it brings on a new generation of Nirvana fans "Nevermind" is still popular world wide and synonymous with alternative music Cobain's contributions have permanently changed the landscape of popular music and music history he is one of the most influential songwriters in rock music history
Cobain was the reluctant poster-child of Generation X most of his songs tend to express frustration, anger, depression, and fear many teenagers and those in angst feel his pain they consider Cobain a hero and an idol he will always be and is still missed